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For generations, bone broth has been the principle factor in cuisines around the world. “Seolleongtang”, a traditional Korean bone soup, is one of the distinct dishes served at Woomiok; located on Convoy Street in the Nijiya Market Plaza. It is a 65-seater establishment by the owners of Common Theory and Realm of the 52 Remedies. Uniquely, it is San Diego’s very first bone soup specialist.

The basis of seolleongtang is set on bone broth that boils to the point where the water turns a rich, milky-white texture. At Woomiok, a mixture of beef bones and ox tails are set on the stove for 24 hours in order to extract its healthful properties, and not to mention, a pretty good hangover cure. Displayed on the menu are diverse versions of the soup with the consumers’ choice to choose different add-ons; from meats like brisket and short ribs, to clear vermicelli noodles and abalone. However, don’t you fret, there are also appetizers with dishes ranging from seafood pancakes, pan-fried oyster balls, to hot stone rice pots topped with meat or octopus and more.

Woomiok is open from 11 AM-10 PM; Monday through Sunday.

还在Convoy上找心仪的餐厅吗,不用再找了。 专注韩餐料理的牛味屋就是San Diego餐厅的最佳选择之一。 在这里您能找到最高品质的韩国传统料理。 我们的餐厅已经被评选为San Diego最佳韩国餐厅。 所有种类的韩国美食,在这里您都能找到。 在convoy上,牛味屋会为您提供健康并且美味的食物。在我们品种丰富的菜单上相信您会发掘各种传统正宗但又融合了现代风味的美食。

我们期待着喜好美食的你们,这里的食物的美味和环境的优雅一定会让您难忘。 牛味屋的营业时间为早上11点到晚上10点。牛味屋是San Diego最值得品尝的韩国餐厅,所以,值得来到这里开启一段美食之旅。

Open Hours

Open Hours
Mon – Sun : 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

3860 Convoy St Ste.113 San Diego CA 92111
Nijiya Market Mall
TEL 858 737 4599

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